We provide value in results
Process brings repeatable results. Thus, process is good.
1. Exploration
We learn about each other and see if there's a fit.
2. Proposal
Initial analysis and outline recommendations. Includes rough
budget, first round tactical thoughts and rough timeline.
3. Partnership
Based on your needs and our recommendations we will propose a
solution – whether by project, campaign or an ongoing relationship.
4. Discovery
Upon approval of the proposal, we expand it to a full strategic
recommendation. This step typically involves research,
strategic planning and collaboration to solidify your initial strategy.
5. Creation
After diving into the knowledge gained in discovery, we visualize,
we explore and we create. We craft ideas that will build
your brand and achieve the set forth objectives.
6. Implementation
When a direction has been chosen, we check every detail,
we refine, we perfect. Then, we execute with precision.
7. Reporting
Results are compiled, analyzed and reported on to provide feedback
that continually builds and enhances your marketing efforts.
We carefully manage and report on every aspect of the project.
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