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We worked with the folks at CTAM National to create and launch CTAM's executive innovation series, Wired. This series is designed to keep CTAM members at the cutting edge, while giving access to leaders and colleagues with actionable insights. We created a microsite with an e-blast and direct mail campaign to promote this accessible and informative series.
Keeping one step ahead is critical,
Sharing knowledge among peers is key.
Related Projects
Leading into 2010, we met with CTAM to review their goals for the year. Nearly all goals could be met or helped by connecting better with current and prospective members. We developed the new site to better connect and provide simple ways of sharing events and information socially. Tied to the site were email blasts that kept members in the loop for upcoming events. The result: CTAM West won the National Growth Award and now has a platform for continued growth. CTAM West's new website.
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Support Our Schools
Foundation for Glendora Unified Schools (FGUS) is a nonprofit organization committed to enhancing the education of Glendora's students. As Glendora is where we work (our HQ) and where a number of us live, we love to give back to the community. We've partnered with FGUS to create a brand identity and marketing campaign to build momentum for their cause. Going on three years now, SWIRE has worked with FGUS to successfully increase support and contributions year after year.
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Kapitol Reef
Snorkel Adventure
We teamed up with Kapitol Reef to launch their innovative snorkeling gear. We developed packaging, POP displays and all the support materials necessary to introduce the snorkels, masks, and fins worldwide. If you enjoy snorkeling or think you don't, you must try Kapitol Reef for yourself and you'll soon be a fan.
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Website & Rebrand
When we first sat down with Bolton and Company, they were ready for a change. As an 80+ year old company, they had gone through a few variations of their logo and had an outdated website. The first step was a brand refresh, utilizing elements of their evolving logo to create a fresh look that reflected the new direction of Bolton. Next, we solidified brand guidelines and did a complete phase one overhaul of their website. We're presently exploring a phase two that continues to provide more value to Bolton's clients.
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Refer a Friend Program
Cox’s Refer A Friend program needed a few more friends. It had only eight referred customers for all of 2010. So we developed and promoted a more user-friendly program to increase subscriptions through referrals while increasing loyalty for existing customers. The plan was simpler than most—refer a friend and get $25 for both you and your friend. No fine print. Nothing up anyone’s sleeve. Messaging was delivered through TV, direct mail, bill statements, carrier envelopes, and print ads. Results were immediate. An average of 133 referrals have been submitted each month, and 562 new customers so far. Friendly high fives all around.
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Upgrade Campaign
Higher tiered service = higher customer satisfaction = lower churn. That was the strategy behind this upgrade campaign for Cox High Speed Internet, HD and DVR services. Cox delivers the fastest Internet in America. But not enough of their customers were subscribing to it. So we carefully segmented the target audience in order to determine who would benefit the most from upgrading. Then we sent out customized mailers and emails. The CHSI mailer generated a favorable .6% response rate, with a 10.3% reduction in churn among essential service customers. The HD/DVR letter generated a .92% response with an 8% reduction in churn. Pretty simple. And pretty effective.
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Cox California
Pre-Mover Program
People move. When they do, they need to set up new services for their home, including video, Internet, and phone. Cox California wanted to let everyone know how easy it is to stay connected in the process. So as soon as these “pre-movers” took any action indicating a move, SWIRE moved in with targeted mailings. Messaging reinforced the ease of staying connected with Cox, included a special offer and highlighted key product features and benefits. We kept the creative clean and simple, and the results were far better than the average move: roughly double the typical response rate.
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