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We were tasked with re-creating Western's website in such a way that it revitalized the brand and reintroduced the world to Mr Little. Western is not just an exterminator, but an expert in entomology.


Working closely with the client, we developed a top notch website with some amazing imagery and lots of education. We're particularly proud of the Interactive Book of Bugs (and one bird)...


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The only website
we intentionally loaded with bugs.
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Blue Chair Books
Quaint Shop, Big Heart
Blue Chair Children Books is the age-old story of the quaint little shop that could. From the creation of a multifaceted low-cost local marketing approach, we created a campaign that encouraged and celebrated the joy of reading and imagination. Each month since, Blue Chair has grown. We love this story as it's our local hometown shop.
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Leading into 2010, we met with CTAM to review their goals for the year. Nearly all goals could be met or helped by connecting better with current and prospective members. We developed the new site to better connect and provide simple ways of sharing events and information socially. Tied to the site were email blasts that kept members in the loop for upcoming events. The result: CTAM West won the National Growth Award and now has a platform for continued growth. CTAM West's new website.
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Cox Arizona
Loyalty & Retention
The goal was to create a multi-touch campaign designed to engage the high value/high risk subscribers through enhanced customer experience. Using direct marketing, we thanked customers for their business and provided a VIP hotline. We communicated key benefits, rewarded them with discounts promoting product engagement, and offered discounts at local merchants and community events. Rather than chase customers, we sought to intersect with their existing behavior at the local level to raise brand relevance. This resulted in a 13% reduction in churn. Mark Award for Customer Relations Marketing Campaign.
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Cox Arizona
CONNECT Magazine
We produce a quarterly magazine to connect with customers in a meaningful way, right in their community. One version in English and another bilingual version, this magazine features local heroes, cultural events, and highlights new services and entertainment. We take care of the details by working directly with programmers to deliver the latest information, schedules and artwork. It also provides a great platform for rewarding your customers - such as free movie coupons redeemable on our personalized offer-redemption microsite or locally coordinated offers such as half-off a pizza or BOGO college team tickets. Instead of being simply a product magazine, this format provides a blend of compelling local stories, optional customer rewards and engaging product information.
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CTAM National
CTAM Wired
We worked with the folks at CTAM National to create and launch CTAM's executive innovation series, Wired. This series is designed to keep CTAM members at the cutting edge, while giving access to leaders and colleagues with actionable insights. We created a microsite with an e-blast and direct mail campaign to promote this accessible and informative series.
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Support Our Schools
Foundation for Glendora Unified Schools (FGUS) is a nonprofit organization committed to enhancing the education of Glendora's students. As Glendora is where we work (our HQ) and where a number of us live, we love to give back to the community. We've partnered with FGUS to create a brand identity and marketing campaign to build momentum for their cause. Going on three years now, SWIRE has worked with FGUS to successfully increase support and contributions year after year.
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Guide on Demand
Our On DEMAND Guide highlights just how easy it is for subscribers to watch TV on their schedule. The guide showcases the most current movies, TV shows and sporting events. We also have a dedicated section to educate subscribers on all the benefits of On DEMAND. We take care of all the details by working directly with programmers to deliver the latest information, schedules and artwork. It provides a great platform for both local and internal offers, such as a free Movie On DEMAND, which is redeemable via our redemption microsite. Additionally, send a bi-weekly On DEMAND email to keep your customers informed of all the hot, new content.
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Personalized Microsites
Cox Arizona was sending paper coupons via direct mail to their customers. This process would take up to a couple of months to be processed and credited. We saw an opportunity to streamline this process by developing a personalized coupon redemption microsite, whereby customers could simply redeem their offers online. By implementing the microsite, we were able to automate the entire redemption process, create a positive customer experience, and measure response rates instantaneously. Plus, the old way was a pain. Customers appreciate the ease of the microsite, and redemption rates have gone through the roof! Furthermore, enabling ROI analysis allows for marketing strategy adjustments as quickly as needed. We've now implemented this strategy to various cable systems around the country.
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Kapitol Reef
Snorkel Adventure
We teamed up with Kapitol Reef to launch their innovative snorkeling gear. We developed packaging, POP displays and all the support materials necessary to introduce the snorkels, masks, and fins worldwide. If you enjoy snorkeling or think you don't, you must try Kapitol Reef for yourself and you'll soon be a fan.
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Website & Rebrand
When we first sat down with Bolton and Company, they were ready for a change. As an 80+ year old company, they had gone through a few variations of their logo and had an outdated website. The first step was a brand refresh, utilizing elements of their evolving logo to create a fresh look that reflected the new direction of Bolton. Next, we solidified brand guidelines and did a complete phase one overhaul of their website. We're presently exploring a phase two that continues to provide more value to Bolton's clients.
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Twitter Campaign

United we tweet. Cox Communications’ Twitter audience was small and mostly centered around regional systems. We corralled those systems into a unified Twitter campaign that leveraged existing Facebook communities, email blasts, and a socially optimized microsite as the campaign’s hub. Each tactic encouraged social sharing, and campaign content focused on large social events. Results were large, too:

• Reached 19,196 unique visitors with a 45.87% daily return

• Generated 7,188 accounts

• Saw 4,354 shares via Twitter and 7,600 shares on Facebook

• Added 2,493 Twitter followers and 30,057 new Facebook likes

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Watch Parties
As the adage goes, any excuse for a party. Especially if it drives Pay Per View purchases and product engagement. That was essentially how we came up with Cox Watch Parties—a social sign-up, sign-in microsite that enabled sharing, live discussion, contest, expert commentary, exclusive video footage and photos, and live updates during televised events. We mainly drove traffic through social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Our initial goal was 5,000 unique visitors. For the first event, HBO’s Pacquiao vs. Marquez boxing event, had 89% more visitors than we had hoped, and saw a 54% lift over forecast for PPV purchases. Yet another excuse for a party.
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Eden Projects
Helping a client who’s focused on helping others is always a plus. Since The Eden Projects helps revive third world economies through reforesting, helping rebrand them was a dream job. The new website we designed makes it easier for donors to not only make donations, but also to see exactly where those donations are being put to use. So while we’re lifting their promotional materials up, they’re able to lift even more families, villages, and entire ecosystems out of extreme poverty. And it doesn’t get much better than that.
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