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Cox Arizona
Loyalty & Retention
The goal was to create a multi-touch campaign designed to engage the high value/high risk subscribers through enhanced customer experience. Using direct marketing, we thanked customers for their business and provided a VIP hotline. We communicated key benefits, rewarded them with discounts promoting product engagement, and offered discounts at local merchants and community events. Rather than chase customers, we sought to intersect with their existing behavior at the local level to raise brand relevance. This resulted in a 13% reduction in churn. Mark Award for Customer Relations Marketing Campaign.
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Insight B2B
Insight Business was looking for a new B2B partner to help expand their services across all footprints. We developed a six-month campaign utilizing a mix of elements to better target and reach prospective B2B customers. The result, our direct mail strategy outperformed previous efforts and produced a cost-per-call that was 55% better than the target set by Insight Business.
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