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Eden Projects
Helping a client who’s focused on helping others is always a plus. Since The Eden Projects helps revive third world economies through reforesting, helping rebrand them was a dream job. The new website we designed makes it easier for donors to not only make donations, but also to see exactly where those donations are being put to use. So while we’re lifting their promotional materials up, they’re able to lift even more families, villages, and entire ecosystems out of extreme poverty. And it doesn’t get much better than that.
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Watch Parties
As the adage goes, any excuse for a party. Especially if it drives Pay Per View purchases and product engagement. That was essentially how we came up with Cox Watch Parties—a social sign-up, sign-in microsite that enabled sharing, live discussion, contest, expert commentary, exclusive video footage and photos, and live updates during televised events. We mainly drove traffic through social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Our initial goal was 5,000 unique visitors. For the first event, HBO’s Pacquiao vs. Marquez boxing event, coxwatchparties.com had 89% more visitors than we had hoped, and saw a 54% lift over forecast for PPV purchases. Yet another excuse for a party.
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Twitter Campaign

United we tweet. Cox Communications’ Twitter audience was small and mostly centered around regional systems. We corralled those systems into a unified Twitter campaign that leveraged existing Facebook communities, email blasts, and a socially optimized microsite as the campaign’s hub. Each tactic encouraged social sharing, and campaign content focused on large social events. Results were large, too:

• Reached 19,196 unique visitors with a 45.87% daily return

• Generated 7,188 accounts

• Saw 4,354 shares via Twitter and 7,600 shares on Facebook

• Added 2,493 Twitter followers and 30,057 new Facebook likes

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Western Exterminator

We were tasked with re-creating Western's website in such a way that it revitalized the brand and reintroduced the world to Mr Little. Western is not just an exterminator, but an expert in entomology.


Working closely with the client, we developed a top notch website with some amazing imagery and lots of education. We're particularly proud of the Interactive Book of Bugs (and one bird)...


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Leading into 2010, we met with CTAM to review their goals for the year. Nearly all goals could be met or helped by connecting better with current and prospective members. We developed the new site to better connect and provide simple ways of sharing events and information socially. Tied to the site were email blasts that kept members in the loop for upcoming events. The result: CTAM West won the National Growth Award and now has a platform for continued growth. CTAM West's new website.
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